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We are Arla GSS and we deal
with business the Scandinavian way.

You probably associate us with brands like Arla Apetina, Lurpak or Castello.
We are part of the global Arla Foods group, which employs 19,000 people worldwide and delivers 25 trillion a glass of milk a year.

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At our office in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz we don’t produce butter or cheese, nor do we work in laboratories that investigate the quality of milk. We are a Global Shared Services Center, and we deliver tens of projects in:


We are hiring

Would you like to be part of a team that has great ambitions, challenging tasks, diversity throughout and plenty of development opportunities? If so, then Arla GSS is the company for you.

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There are no standard career paths. You can start in one team and then jump to another. Arla is a place where potential meets opportunities.


Relax, you are
working at Arla.

It’s not easy to describe why Scandinavian companies are such a good workplaces. It’s a mixture of communication style, international environment, great people, the nature of work matched with private life and mutual respect.

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Perfect view for career.

New guests in our office, and especially candidates are unable to tear themselves away from the windows. An office in the clouds a few minutes from the beach? We love that!

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Imagine job that fits
your lifestyle. Done.

Some say it's work-life balance. We'd rather say: flexible working hours put into practice. Professionalism is very important to us, but we know that work is only part of our life. While it can give a lot of satisfaction, work should not be an end in itself.

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We even accept lactose

We hire openminded people. It doesn't matter where are you from, who you love and which gender you represent. We are all equal and we respect each other.

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Wellness is a duty.

Good physical and mental well-being is important to us. We introduced the #BeeWell office exercise program to keep ourselves in a good shape. We also train yoga together, run and use ergonomic equipment in the office.

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No dress code zone.

Do you associate work in big company with suits and corporate lingo? Forget about it.
At Arla GSS we are all on first name terms and come to work wearing casual clothes. We respect diversity and appreciate individuality.

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We are sustainable.

In 2019, Arla globally announced its sustainable development strategy. Zero plastic in packaging up to 2030 and zero-emission production up to 2050. In Gdansk, we implement daily habits - in small steps, but effectively.

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Let's keep in touch!

If there is anything we could help you with - write boldly! Our Talent Acquisition team will answer any question about working with us. Just use the form below.


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