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Account to Report


A2R department provides a broad spectrum of accounting and reporting services. Our experts serve local and global stakeholders with comprehensive knowledge of financial reporting legislation, deep understanding of underlying accounting processes as well as overarching view on financial figures on entity and profit center’s levels.

Team members: 56


  • Financial Masterdata
  • Period end closing activities
  • Balance sheet reconciliation
  • Journal entries
  • Accruals, provisions, allocations
  • Intercompany accounting
  • Leasing and Fixed Assets accounting
  • Consolidation of group results
  • VAT compliance and environnemental taxes
  • Performance reporting for internal purposes

Supply Chain Finance


In Supply Chain Finance we play a vital role in controlling and monitoring the financial aspects of production and logistics operations at Arla. Our focus is on effective cost control and accurate financial reporting, providing precise cost information and reports for performance dialogues and decision-making processes.  We collaborate with finance business partners and operation teams at Arla’s production sites and logistics areas, which involves business travel.

Team members: 45

  • Month End Close Process
  • Financial Controlling & Reporting
  • Automated Rule Based Controlling 
  • Performance Reporting
  • Supporting the Forecast Process
  • Tracking and Investigating Cost Variances
  • Costing 
  • CAPEX 
  • Handling of Audit Inquiries
  • Driving Harmonisation & Optimization of Financial Processes

Risk & Compliance


The Risk & Compliance team plays a crucial role as the second line of defence, ensuring tool delivery and focusing on compliance in various areas of financial processes, data, and Segregation of Duties across Arla’s global locations. Their primary objective is to drive financial compliance and prevent fraud by supporting risk owners in risk management, establishing control governance, and conducting compliance reviews.

By conducting compliance reviews and continuous control monitoring, the team provides internal assurance to the management. They actively monitor compliance, identify issues and collaborate with risk owners to address them and implement robust control mechanisms to prevent future occurrences. 

Throughout this process, the team maintains documentation of their findings and actions taken.

Information Security Compliance:

The Risk & Compliance team is responsible for monitoring financial data security and segregation of duties through Information Security compliance. They work to implement Information Security measures adequately in an interconnected global system across Arla and any outsourcing suppliers, recognizing the potential risks and business impact. Their efforts focus on providing assurance over information security controls, safeguarding sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access or disclosure, and mitigating fraud risks. By evaluating the information security controls’ environment and adherence to policies and procedures, they ensure the protection of Arla’s information assets in accordance with relevant regulations, standards, and best practices.

Cash Management


Cash Management team acts as an internal bank in Arla.

In house cash:

  • Exchange and interest rates,
  • Bank account reconciliation,
  • Cash concentration,
  • Bank setup review/update,
  • Bank statements,
  • Payment execution.

Treasury back office:

  • Trade control, settlement and reconciliation of financial transactions,
  • Liquidity handling on a daily basis,
  • Control of cash and credit lines,
  • Exposure report.

Source to Pay


At Arla, we rely on a meticulous financial system to drive business forward. Our Source to Pay (S2P) department keeps that system running smoothly by managing cash flow, and paying our suppliers. We are searching for a skilled financial specialist to join our team to be part of the process, track, and record payments in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. The department ensures that the financial (Accounts Payable) and procurement (Procurement Operations) process is efficient, cost-effective, and compliant with company policies and regulations. It plays a critical role in optimizing supplier relationships, controlling costs, and driving overall procurement strategy. It encompasses the entire process from the initial identification of a need for goods or services within an organization to the payment for those goods or services.

Team members: 82

Responsibility: Source to Pay is responsible for paying all invoices for goods and services purchased by Arla Foods to vendors, as well as reimbursements to individuals for costs incurred as part of business.

Processes: Finance part

  • Invoice verification and processing,
  • Resolving invoice queries,
  • Processing payments,
  • Accounts reconciliation with vendors,
  • Reporting,



Procurement Operations team as a part of Source to Pay department is providing purchasing support to Arla colleagues located in majority in our core countries – Denmark, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland. We are to support ordering process in Ariba and SAP by guiding users how to use Procurement tools, providing trainings to ensure process compliance, developing Procurement Infrastructure, Catalogue’s Strategy and simply being first support line for our end users.

Moreover we are responsible for price maintenance for direct and indirect area to make sure that prices negotiated by our Category Managers are reflected in the systems. Procurement Masterdata is an important focus area for our team as well.

A Procurement Centre of Excellence team is responsible for managing and optimizing procurement processes, practices, and strategies. The primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement activities, thereby driving cost savings, improving supplier relationships, and mitigating risks by data&spend analysis. 

Digital Solutions and Continuous Improvements  teams are the one that are  driving and implementing digital projects and securing continuous improvement.

Order to Cash


We are the guardians of the credit policy and Arla’s receivables by taking care of our customers and delivering professional and efficient service to all our stakeholders. Besides ensuring business transactions are properly accounted, we gain experience within international environment, develop our skills, try new solutions and contribute to various projects beyond our regular responsibilities.

Team members: 50

Responsibility: Credit insurance, collection for different business groups in the Arla organization as well as the timely payment allocation in the customers accounts.


  • Risk and credit management,
  • Collection management,
  • Dispute management,
  • Cash allocation,
  • Reporting and compliance.

HR Master Data


The HR Master Data  team is an essential part of our organization. We serve as the gatekeepers of HR data quality, ensuring that personal and organizational information is accurate and up-to-date. Our focus is on data, processes, and systems, and we take pride in being a team of young professionals who embrace new technology.

In our role, we have several key responsibilities. Firstly, we ensure that relevant HR data is sourced effectively, maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and completeness. Secondly, we strive to enhance the overall HR experience, both for employees and the organization as a whole. This includes streamlining processes and systems to ensure smooth data management and effective communication.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of HR data, supporting various HR processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. We are committed to delivering high-quality HR services and contributing to the success of Arla.

Talent Acquisition


The primary tasks of the team include: sourcing relevant candidates, building a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, facilitating and maintaining clear communication between candidates and managers within Arla GSS.

The Talent Acquisition team is responsible for attracting and retaining new talents to our organization – matching them with company’s culture and business requirements. The primary tasks of the team include: sourcing relevant candidates, building a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, as well as facilitating and maintaining clear communication between candidates and managers within Arla GSS.

HR projects

When possible, the team supports development initiatives like trainings or team building, also engaging in CSR activities and internal well-being projects. Last, but not least, the team is in charge of Employer Branding activities, such as: job fairs, career events, social media, and cooperation with student associations and Universities.

The team consists of specialists with experience in both internal and external communication, recruitment and employee relations. They have received five awards and distinctions for their activities in the area of employer branding – including preparation and implementation of the best EB campaign in Poland.

Payroll & Employee Relations


In HR Payroll we are responsible not only for salary payment but a lot of activities related to Employees within their life cycle in the company. It refers for both entities – Arla GSS in Gdańsk and Arla Foods S.A. in Tychowo/Warsaw. We focus on high customer service standards, high level of payroll accuracy and brought law regulations knowledge based on experience on team members.

Main processes

  • onboarding (HR documentation, labour law info, internal processes);
  • payroll run aligned with internal control procedures;
  • personnel documentation management;
  • work time management;
  • benefits administration;
  • internal HR reporting;
  • Health & Safety;
  • solving legal issues;
  • labour law trainings
  • international assignment coordination.



At Arla GSS, the Facility Team isn’t just a support unit; we’re the embodiment of the company’s ethos. From the moment employees receive their access cards from us, we become their first point of contact for ensuring a seamless and welcoming experience. Our mission isn’t just about maintaining facilities; it’s about crafting a lasting impression on everyone who walks through our doors. We prioritize creating ergonomic workspaces and fostering a friendly environment. Whether it’s providing amenities like chill rooms, VR room, or the massage chair, or introducing new catering services to elevate the office experience, we’re dedicated to making every aspect of office life comfortable and efficient. If you want to borrow a projector or an office chair for home use, we’ve got you.

We also manage mobile device cards of all of our employees, as well as handle all the mail and parcels. We act as liaisons between our employees and the technicians, working with them on daily basis and reporting any building-related issues promptly. We oversee the water dispensers and coffee machines, ensuring they’re always stocked and ready to fuel productivity. From restocking stationery cabinets to assisting with guest reception, we’re committed to facilitating smooth operations and enhancing the workplace experience for everyone, with sustainability at the forefront of our efforts. Moreover, we play a role in organizing team meetings, as well as preparing for guests visits, helping organizing the rooms and booking caterings.

Ultimately, the Facility Team isn’t just about maintaining facilities; we’re the face of Arla GSS. Every interaction, every initiative, shapes the perception of our company. With our dedication and attention to detail, we ensure that every visitor leaves with a positive impression, reflecting the values and professionalism of our organization.

ONEHR Support


„Welcome to ONEHR, how can I help you?” – is the friendly greeting you will hear when you contract First Line. Our team is known for extensive knowledge of HR systems, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to assisting Arla employees with their HR needs. Whether through emails, live chats, phone calls or meetings, we are here to help. Our goal is to provide prompt and accurate assistance to ensure that issues are resolved efficiently. No matter the complexity of your case, our team is dedicated to support you with personalized and professional service.

Support Recruitment section plays a crucial role in supporting recruiters to find talent worldwide. We handle tasks such as job advert posting, interview scheduling, recruitment test navigation and onboarding new hires. Complex tasks are managed by our experienced team, while basic ones are automated for efficiency. Thanks for our dedicated staff, everything runs smoothly, keeping our schedules well-organized and our supportive functions fully staffed. We are here to make the recruitment process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Learning is dedicated to ensuring course setup and high-level maintenance, providing comprehensive support with the Learning Management System. We generate and analyze learning reports to offer valuable insights, working closely with learning owners to design and refine impactful courses. Our team verifies participant eligibility, manages the re-invoicing process and delivers both virtual and on-site support. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that we create a coherent and effective learning environment. 

IT Operations

Infrastructure Services Department

Infrastructure Services Department consists of 3 departments and some cross-functional services:

1. Delivery Services team ensures that the service delivered meets a satisfying standard needed by the business. The Service Owners are responsible for user-facing services e.g., computers, printers, telephony, and mobile phones and similar. The Datacenter and Cloud team ensures the core services around our data centres whether they are On-Prem or in the cloud. The Service Delivery Management (SDM) organisation make sure our vendor’s deliveries are according to the contracts. They act as Subject Matter Experts and are change coordinators regarding changes within their respective areas. End User Computing team is responsible for providing 3rd level high-quality support and maintenance in the area of end-user desktops, either virtual or physical. Particularly Intune/SCCM, App packaging, and Azure Virtual Desktop. Teams’ tasks also include resolving problems within Win 10 desktops, taking part in defining Arla’s architectural roadmaps, and acting as Subject Matter Experts in projects.

2. Network Services are an internal team consisting of a 24/7 team monitoring our internal LAN environment, supported by a Network Operations team maintaining the services daily. Outside the LAN services, the team also has responsibility for WAN and Firewall services.

3. Security Services department consists of two sub-departments which both ensure that Arla is compliant with policies. 

  • The Security Operations team consists of Security experts ensuring our key infrastructure is protected against malicious behaviour and this is done through support from third-party vendors.
  • The Identity and Access Management team is overlooking onboarding and offboarding processes, access control design, IAM controls to ensure compliance with Arla principles.

Application Services

We are responsible for running our systems, for example SAP. Our purpose is to maintain high-quality solutions through collaborative governance and expert insight. We focus on ensuring stability, efficiency, and test quality. As a trusted partner, we provide resilient solutions that meet the business needs while delivering fast and effectively with high standards.

We work closely together with all delivery trains and take over the responsibility for the solution after go-live and hyper care. There are different areas we are responsible for in Application Services:

  • Support and Maintenance is responsible for providing good support to the Business. We ensure that all changes implemented in Production has been approved, tested, and documented to secure stability of the IT applications.
  • Test Automation and Quality Management is responsible for consistent and continuous focus on test and enforcing a quality-related mindset within the organization. Ensuring that critical software flows are automated and running in drops and waves to secure the quality of ne developments and stable applications.
  • Master Data Operation is responsible for Create/Change/Block/Delist business objects in SA, suppliers, customers, all material types, info records, source list, scheduling agreements, bill of materials, master recipe & production version.
  • Vendor Management – main purpose is vendor management and collaboration in Application Services. This includes contract negotiations with new vendors, support, and collaboration after project go-live. This team ensures that we have great partnership with our strategic vendors, so that we can collaborate and work as one Arla and have high focus on stability while providing great support to our business.

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk is a 1st line support for solving incidents for about 19 000 end users across Arla locations worldwide (over 140 entities in more than 30 countries). The service is provided 24/7 in English language. However, we have also dedicated lines functioning in German, Danish and Swedish.

Together with Situation Management Team we are a group of people responsible for technical support whenever you have an issue with your software and hardware.

  • Onsite Support operates directly out of Arla business locations (Dairies, Headquarters, Warehouses, etc.). Besides providing same support as ITSD we also provide 2nd level support on all end-user devices. A big part of this is laptops, but also printers, scanners, RF guns, terminals, etc. We also support go-lives of a variety of different projects.
  • Regional Operations Managers serve as an escalation point for zones and functions in Arla globally for all topics related to IT Operations. This is typically major incidents, root cause analysis, planned service window, etc.
  • Vendor Management Office is a crucial part of the process for procuring new services in Arla IT. We are involved from the development of an operating strategy to procuring the service and lastly, we facilitate the continuous process of maintaining the relationship with a vendor.
  • SAP Technical Services is responsible for running our SAP platform in Arla which is the core of our systems. We are here to endure stable and efficiency of the landscape, keeping it updated and secure 24/7. We take responsibility for the SAP infrastructure, change management, yearly technical go-lives, development tools and guidelines, archiving and optimizations.

IT Solutions


Our main purpose is to co-create value for Arla through collaboration with our colleagues in the Functions & Zones, other departments in Arla IT, Arla supporting functions and our vendors. We need strong collaboration to succeed, and we are the oil that has been given the mandate to keep the machine running.



The Procurement Operations team, as part of the Source to Pay department, provides purchasing support to Arla colleagues primarily located in our core countries: Denmark, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Our main objective is to facilitate the ordering process in Ariba and SAP by guiding users in utilizing procurement tools effectively. We offer trainings and conduct open hours sessions to ensure process compliance, while also developing and maintaining the Procurement Infrastructure and Catalogue Strategy. Additionally, we serve as the first line of support for end users, addressing their queries and concerns.

In addition to our support role, we are responsible for maintaining accurate pricing information for both direct and indirect procurement categories. This ensures that the prices negotiated by our Category Managers are correctly reflected in the systems. Furthermore, on a daily basis, we assist our colleagues with purchase order creation, including service orders.

Providing day-to-day support for our colleagues is a vital aspect of our responsibilities. Equally important is our active participation in various improvement projects and initiatives within the Source to Pay domain. We place great emphasis on close collaboration and employ a lean perspective, both within the Procurement department and in our interactions with other teams at Arla.

Customer Service & Support


The Customer Service & Support department was initially set-up in May 2023. The department is responsible for handling customers` orders and their allocation in Denmark, France, UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Netherlands. The other core responsibilities are claims and penalties handling, reporting, Customer Master Data maintenance, logistic workflow with terminals handling, Electronic Data Interchange, Export activities as well as calls and enquiries handling.

The department currently counts 60+ employees and is still growing. The transitions are ongoing and are foreseen to be finalized by end June 2024.

Member Relations


The Member Relations Operations Team is a group of approximately 30 individuals consisting of agents and coordinators. Our primary responsibility is to provide comprehensive support to farmers through email and phone communication. We handle various aspects including democracy among farmers, sustainability incentive model and payment processing for milk, they deliver. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for our farmers in all areas of their relationship with us.

European Transport Control Center


The European Transport Control Centre (ETCC) was initially set-up in 2022 to manage and control all European intermediate cross border movements within our logistics function. The ETCC is responsible for aspects of transport management including, but not limited to load building, planning, optimisation, scheduling, execution, freight settlement, continual improvement and performance management. The ETCC plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth function of Arla’s intermediate transport network and thereby has a direct impact on Arla’s ability to serve its customers. Currently the team counts 12 employees and still growing.

Global Product


We secure, facilitate and create Master Data related to Global Product Management, ranging over 7000 SKUs and 11918 packaging components! Our main purpose as Global Product Administrators is to create, change and maintain Master Data in our global systems, 3DX and SAP. We work closely with our colleagues at the dairies and in Global Product Management to deliver projects and changes accurately and in time, in collaboration with all Arla Markets, covering 145 countries. 


As GPA, we provide a great variety of support for our stakeholders, including ensuring accuracy of data and consistency between data located in 3DX and SAP, respectively. Our local team consists of 14 people, closely connected to the wider Global Product Management team, consisting of 70 people. The team ranges from junior to senior level, but we work close together to reach the main goal of advising, leading and executing local and global initiatives related to Global Assortment. We are the bridge builders between Supply Chain/Operations and the Commercial part of Arla, possessing strong collaboration skills and high levels of service towards stakeholders. 

GSS Development Team


GSS Development Team is dedicated to driving the ongoing development of Arla Gdansk by providing support to existing GSS Functions and fostering a welcoming environment for new Functions in Gdansk. The team consists of 8 persons with different roles.

Lean Consultants promote process standardization through the utilization of Lean tools. Their focus is on continuously improving the team’s working methods, eliminating process inefficiencies, and optimizing processes. This is achieved through close collaboration with colleagues and the implementation of Lean principles.

Project Leads focus on analyzing and preparing potential future movements to Gdansk, ensuring a smooth transition process. They also actively participate in process mapping initiatives across different global teams. 

The User Experience Lead primary focus is on creating exceptional user experiences for Arla colleagues when it comes to the products and services offered. The UX Lead collaborates with stakeholders to align business goals with user needs, ensuring that the final product not only meets user expectations but also delivers value to the organization.



Scandinavian companies are well known for being a good workplaces. Arla
is no exception. There’s a mixture of communication style, international environment, great people, the nature of work matched with private life
and mutual respect. Besides, we can’t wait for you to feel what Scandinavian asap is.


Professionalism is very important to us, but we know that work is only part of life. It gives a lot of satisfaction, but sad when it’s an end in itself. Thanks to the hybrid work model, you can flexibly manage when you come to the office and when you stay in the home office. Workation is also an option.


New guests in our office, and especially candidates are unable to tear themselves away from the windows. An office in the clouds a few minutes from the beach? You’ll love that. Additionally, our office is perfectly located for public transport – there are bus and tram stops nearby – and you have a 5-minute walk to the Wrzeszcz SKM station.


Good physical and mental well-being Is important to us. We introduced the #BeWell initiative which includes unique events and office exercise program to keep ourselves in a good shape. We also train yoga together, run and use ergonomic equipment in the office. We have also introduced the Activity Base Working model, which allows you to use different setups depending on the stage of the project.


Do you associate work in big company with suits and corporate lingo? Forget about it. At Arla we are all on first name terms and come to work in casual clothes. We respect diversity and appreciate individuality.


We hire openminded people. It doesn’t matter where are you from, who you love and which gender you represent. We are all equal and we respect each other.


In 2019 Arla globally announced its sustainable development strategy. Zero plastic in packaging up to 2030 and zero-emission production up to 2050. A few years ago, we started producing our own biofuels from cow patties that power our logistics – we jokingly call it the “poopettum mobile”. In Gdańsk we implement daily habits – in small steps, but effectively.


What do we offer?

  • International
operating environment

  • Medical care
& life insurance 

  • Additional benefits

    (gym card, vouchers, travel points
or cinema tickets, etc.)
  • Scandinavian working
style & no dress code

  • Trainings with experts
& professional induction
& development programs

  • Financial support
of your education

  • Referral program
for employees

  • Employee
Assistance Program

    (legal, psychological, health,
financial consult-ing, etc. )
  • Support for your
healthy lifestyle

    (fruit day, facility for sportsmen, sport challenges and activities, Arla active teams / sport groups)
  • Flexible working time and home office work possibility depending on business needs

  • Additional holiday depending on length of employment

    (up to 4 days)
  • Fully paid 30 min. break

… while in the office you can also use some of below:

  • Modern office space
with beautiful view and high standard furniture

    (i.e. adjustable desks)
  • Spacious canteen, delicious coffee and tea available on every floor in special de-signed spots

  • Chill-out rooms with X-box, pool table, board games, football table and swing