Workforce Capabilities and Analytics

Analytics Power House, Master Data, My Digital Workplace and BAESS.

Analytics Power House (APH) is responsible for the Business Intelligence (BI) data foundation that is used across Arla’s organization to measure business performance. Whether you want to follow up on global KPIs or would like to have a snapshot of how the business is performing right now, Analytics Powerhouse ensures that we have ONE source of truth coming from ONE source of data.

Apart from the data maintenance Analytics Powerhouse can help the business with:

  • Power BI reports to visualize and share the stories,
  • Data Science and statistical models to achieve better foresights and infographics,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect Arla Brands in commercial ads and newsletters,
  • Tools and applications to assist on complex processes like the SKU management process, targets setting on indirect spend and Financial Forecasting.

To do this, we hire more than 20 staff both in Gdańsk and Viby, fulfilling the roles of Data Engineers, Scientists and Architects as well as Product Owners and Scrum Masters. We also cooperate with many external consultants.

Master Data

A part of the APH Agile Release Train is the Master Data Transformation team (5 people including a manager, fully based in Gdańsk) responsible for tools and processes. These ensure master data is properly used and coordinated across Arla. Practically, the team drives actively ongoing projects (like e.g. implementing SAP enhancements / migration projects) that transform the data, so at the end it matches Arla’s data model and standards. On top of that, they monitor data quality and run data cleansing activities.

My Digital Workspace

My Digital Workspace focuses on the introduction of digital applications that are used by Arla employees every day. It means improving both the tools within the digital workspace and the way we work with them. Right now, we focus on O365 as main tool to communicate within our organization. This team also works on simplifying the telephony landscape in Arla by advising and implementing the best solutions within IP telephony. Finally, we are a big fans of bringing robots to life, so automatization of repetitive processes to unleash the more effective use of Arla’s employee potential. Do you know that we are a winner of the “Excellence in Enterprise RPA Awards 2019: in the category of “Most Innovative Use of Blue Prism” as well as the first live RPA Hackathon in Poland? Now you do!