Women of Arla - part 3

Today we are taking you on a journey with Monika, HR Specialist who joined Arla almost 6 years ago. Let her story be a guide for you on how to develop in an international organization starting as a trainee. During her adventure with Arla, Monika was member the ONE HR and Talent Acquisition Team, where she supported the organization in various areas, but most of all she brought her warmth, positive energy and enthusiasm.

1. How did your adventure with Arla has started?

My adventure with Arla has started in December 2016 – I was waiting at the airport in Lisbon for my flight back to Gdańsk. In Portugal I did my first internship in HR and I had no idea what to do next, so I asked my friend who was already working in Arla if there are any job opportunities in HR. Two days later I had an interview 😊

2. Tell us about your professional path ( what roles / departments etc)

It’s been an exciting journey! At first, I was a trainee in HR SSC, One HR – it was a new team, back then very small. We’ve been focused on transition of HR processes from local offices to GSS. After 3 months I became HR Administrator. It was great to be part of a team almost from its beginning – I could see how it is growing and developing from scratch. I had a chance to represent our team in headquarter in Viby and in other core countries: Germany, Sweden and UK. Somewhere in between, I ‘left’ Arla for 3 months to volunteer in Madagascar – I really appreciate the fact that I had the possibility to take this 3-months leave! Within One HR team I also became HR Specialist, but then I decided to take a small step back to move to Talent Acquisition team as a Junior TA Specialist – sometimes it’s good to make one step back to make two steps ahead. Here, after 5,5 years, my professional path in Arla ends – at least for now! I am really grateful for all of the opportunities the company gave me – I had a really good time here! It was not always easy, but I learned a lot, got different experience in HR and I met many wonderful people.

3. Tell us about your current position? Why did it attract you?

I moved to Talent Acquisition team, because I already knew HR systems and processes and I wanted to use my knowledge and also learn new things in another department. Also I love working with people and as a recruiter I worked closely with hiring managers and candidates on a daily basis. Now I know that in my next positions I would like to combine my experience and balance working with people + systems and processes.

4. What you value most about working at Arla in terms of development / work culture.

I really value the Scandinavian work culture – flat hierarchy, work life balance, friendly atmosphere, promoting employees’ initiatives… And company’s efforts towards sustainable development.

5. What would you advise other women whose goal is to get to where you are?

First of all, especially if you are in the beginning of your career path – do not expect from yourself to have all of the answers on these big life questions. There’s enough of social pressure around of each of us, so be gentle with yourself J You really don’t need to have everything figured out now. Give yourself time for whatever you need: trying, falling, growing, changing directions… Trust your timing, be curious, ask questions and enjoy the lifelong process of learning! 😊