Relax, you work in Arla

Arla is the Danish company, so we feel very close to the Scandinavian culture of work and mindset. Among ourselves – we have been new joiners as well. This is the reason why we try to make your initial days and months at Arla as easy and smooth as possible. Our mission statement is “Relax, you work in Arla”.

First months is time to onboard and adapt to our mindset, way of working and cooperating. Our corporate mission statement is Lead-Sense-Create, so we show you how you can become an expert or leader in regard to these values.

What should you know about the onboarding process?

First – Pre-onboarding

We are preparing for your joining a few weeks before your first day. When your future manager show us a sign to start, the whole onboarding process is being prepared for you.

There are a lot of people involved in your onboarding process:

  • Talent acquisition informs payroll team that you’re coming soon and prepare an offer letter for you.
  • Payroll team contacts you in order to let you know about the first day and formalities, such as an employment contract which will be waiting for you at the office first day of work.
  • HR Master Data creates your account in our HR system.
  • IT Service Desk prepares IT equipment and accesses.
  • Facility prepares an entry card for you so you can move between all seven floors.

Then onboarding … you meet us

Let’s go through it, step by step:

First day:

You meet your Manager. Now is a place for sightseeing our office – you meet our cowlleagues and you will see the canteen, meeting rooms and chill out rooms.

You have a meeting with Payroll team and occupational safety and health expert to get a knowledge about our policies in area of benefits, payroll etc.

In facility office some gifts are waiting for you to feel a warm welcome in our Arla’s team.

You meet your Buddy and all the team. For now it is online meeting via Teams but in good old times we used to go for a coffee to know each other better.

Buddy is your contact persons. We know how important is ongoing communication to adapt and recognize a new working environment, so you meet with your buddy and manager once a week during your first 3 months in Arla on 121 meetings.

Buddies share their knowledge about the team, organizational structure, tasks and responsibilities.

If you want to work from home you can rent IT equipment and comfortable chair. We are not able to take off your kid or cat from your keyboard, but we can give you cover for the webcam 😊

During first few weeks, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of on-line trainings, involving Arla’s values, business model, organizational structure and on lower level – your tasks.

We want you to feel that you are a part of the bigger picture, because we are One Arla – all over the world. You will have a lot of time to go through our How To Guide books regarding systems, procedures and processes. We are trying our best to make your onboarding easier in current virtual reality. You can always count on your new cowlleagues if you have any concerns😊.

Join us and check how we work in Scandinavian company, where our motto is: “Relax, you work in Arla”.