Purchase to Pay

Have you ever worked in SSC sector?
If not, you should find out what is really all about here.

At Arla, we rely on a meticulous financial system to drive business forward. Our accounts payable (AP) department keeps that system running smoothly by managing cash flow, and paying vendors. We are searching for a skilled financial specialist to join our accounts payable team to be part of the process, track, and record payments in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. The accounts payable specialist will have both a day-to-day impact on financial transactions, keeping us on track, on time, and on good terms with our valued partners. 


Team members: 34


Purchase to Pay is responsible for paying all invoices for goods and services purchased by Arla Foods to vendors, as well as reimbursements to individuals for costs incurred as part of business.


  • Sorting & scanning of incoming invoices,
  • Invoice verification & registration,
  • Invoice processing,
  • Resolving invoice queries,
  • Processing payments,
  • Accounts reconciliation with vendors,
  • Reporting.

Purchase to Pay is perfect for beginners in finance.