Poland Business Harbour

The Polish Government’s program supporting IT specialists

Program was created for those considering leaving home country for Poland.

Are you an engineer or do you have experience in the IT sector? Are you considering relocating to Poland? We will help you fast-track the immigration procedure, allowing you to enter Poland together with your family.


How does “Poland. Business Harbour” work?

“Poland. Business Harbour ” is a package of solutions dedicated to specialists in the modern technology industry who are considering the possibility of transferring their business to Poland, establishing a start-up related to the IT industry in Poland or planning to take up employment in this industry in Poland.


Polish Business Harbour Visa – what is it and how it works?

One of the many benefits of “Poland. Busines Harbour ” program is the  possibility to apply for a Business Harbour Visa. This visa is subject to a special accelerated procedure. Within a few weeks, a foreigner should be able to legally take up employment in Poland. She/he can also start a business on the same terms as Polish citizens.


The benefits of the Polish Business Harbour Visa:

  • the possibility of setting up a business on the same terms as Polish citizens
  • exemption from the obligation to have a work permit during the visa validity period
  • the ability to freely change working and employment conditions
  • issuing a visa also for members of the immediate family of a foreigner
  • freedom to travel to other Schengen states.


How to apply for Polish Harbor Business Visa?

Step 1

Contact the Polish consulate and fill in the visa application form. If you have scheduled a date, you can bring the documents directly to the consulate or to one of the visa centres (payment required). It is also possible to submit the application via post. Make sure where the Polish consulate is. Visa application submitted as a part of Poland. Business Harbour programme will be given priority.

There are two entry requirements to participate in the fast-tracked visa procedure. You will need to hold a proof of interest regarding employment from one of the partner companies from. You will also need to have worked in IT for at least a year or have technical education connected to IT.

If you would like to come to Poland with your family mention it to the consul immediately.

Step 2

Prepare the necessary documents. If you are planning on taking your family with you, your spouse and children need to have their own sets of documents. After your application is accepted, you will receive a domestic visa.  You will need it to cross the border.

Step 3

After obtaining a visa, come to Poland 🙂


To find out more please visit https://www.gov.pl/web/poland-businessharbour-en