Infrastructure Services

IT End User Services Team and Security Services team

End User Services team in Gdańsk, consisting of 6 people (including manager), is responsible for ensuring an adequate level of end users’ satisfaction of  (i.e. every Arla employee(so our employees) with dedicated infrastructure solutions. Each operational person in this team is an owner of a specific class of solutions.

It is here where decisions are made regarding e.g. portfolio of specific laptop models available in the organization as well as client applications available on them that support remote internal communication (e.g. O365), peripheral hardware, such as printers and scanners, but also mobile phones. While being in constant contact with a plenty external partners providing e.g. telecommunications services in specified countries, they ensure proper functioning of telephony solutions. In addition, we implement telecommunications systems such as Genesys, thanks to which processes related to phone customer service can be successfully realized on our employees’ computers.

End User Services is not only taking care of the hardware part of the infrastructure – it also includes cloud solutions such as PaaS (Print as a Service), RaaS (Room as a Service) or VaaS (Video as a Service).

"The second leg"

Security Services team is a “second leg” of Infrastructure department. Its main goal is to prevent the unauthorized access to organizational assets by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our data.

To do so, international team of 8 persons (including manager) working from 4 different locations (Gdansk, Viby, Leeds and Pronsfeld) is conducting security audits as well as security incidents’ detection and response. Simultaneously, they are in charge of approving any new IT solution implemented in the Arla organizations from security perspective. Finally, their responsibility is to manage user identities through the user lifecycle and accesses to enterprise resources across multiple systems.