HR Service Delivery

Are you wondering what we are actually doing in this area? Quick guide below.

HR Service Delivery refers to the function that supports and provides services to employees. The HR Service Delivery will span the entire employee lifecycle and that’s why there is a wide range of areas the HR Service Delivery teams are taking care of:

  • HR Information Systems – optimising our current system landscape and implementing new tools and functionalities within SAP SuccessFactors, Service Delivery or Reporting & Analytics;
  • People Insights – team located in both Gdansk and HQ Viby. It’s driving analytics and supporting business performance reporting;
  • Mobility – providing professional support to designated groups within and outside HR organization. It’s responsible for coordination of worldwide relocations and assignments in collaboration with our vendors;
  • People Development – responsible for learning & development within an organization;
  • Change&Communications – the team plays a key role in ensuring projects (change initiatives) within Arla organization and it’s responsible for internal communication which is an important part of change management;
  • Rewards – responsible for employee reward systems and making sure that they refer to programs set up by a company to reward performance and motivate employees on individual and group levels;
  • Operational Services – are often seen as the 'face’ of the organisation, as employees are working directly with people, providing them with services. Operational Services team is performing the primary task of the organisation, implementing its policies and displaying its standards. You can read more about Operational Services here.