HR Recruiting - who we are?

Hi, I am Anna, HR Administrator. Today, I will speak on behalf of my whole team – HR Recruiting – highly motivated and professional crew based in Arla, Gdansk. I guess, I can use this option of representing my whole team as we all stand as a whole in this recruitment world on a daily basis.

“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” If it comes to HR Recruiting tasks, very often we must cooperate more than expected. Being a team while completing our tasks is our daily routine. Every day we experience challenges and thanks to our strong teamwork those are just a motivation for the future performance. Sticking to our internal rules and paying special attention to details is a key.

Why? We are the foundation of pillars holding recruitment processes. Managers and recruiters connected to the recruitment and hire flow are for sure familiar with the secret anonymous ‘’Arla HR Coordinator’’ who supervises all if it comes to recruitment.

Who is this? The Arla HR Coordinator is simply more than a system user, approving all your requests and helping you with a ‘’recruitment to hire’’
processes in all Arla systems. You might know us below this strange automatically assigned login name, however most of all, we are the team of
people who are highly-motivated and constantly learning about recruitment processes to make this huge and complex route ‘’recruitment to hire’’ safe
and smooth.

Assistance, constant help and professionalism: those values we base on every day, also help us to improve our knowledge. We constantly learn and
improve our skills in the process. On the other hand, every one of us is the called ‘’expert’’ if it comes to a different recruitment category. Thanks to that, if anything becomes tricky or unusual, our team expert is ready to help.
Categories we work on are:
• Interviews scheduling – every day, we support recruiters with scheduling their interviews for chosen candidates. Moreover, we make sure that the participant confirmed the meeting. So again – a process which we take our stakeholders’ comfort as a top value.

• Job postings – so called every advertisement request we receive. Our team is processing the postings so they go live on the Arla Websites. We also contact different posting media and make sure the job offer is published as per request.

• Assessments (mainly PI Behavioral & Cognitive, Hogan and Raven) – one of the first steps in the recruitment process. Every day, we send tests invitations to candidates following recruiter’s requests. Afterwards, we check if the candidate has completed the test according to the established deadline. Once again, we follow our main rule: let the
recruitment process be as smooth as possible. In addition, recently our colleague Roksana has been working on improving efficiency in that matter. Today, we can welcome another ‘’team member’’ working on this category – Assessment Robot who helps us with sending anddownloading tests as per request.

• Onboarding for Blue Collar Employees and for White Collar Employees – we are here so the onboarding for our external candidates can be prepared as soon as they start working in Arla. Together with Master Data Team, we always make sure our internal and external candidates employment data is correctly assigned in the system.

• Requisition approval – if there is any help needed while opening a new job requisition and starting the recruitment process, HR Recruiting is here to assist managers and HRBPs via call or e-mail. Moreover, we are a part of this requisition created as we ensure that proper parties could update and access the information via Recruiting tab. So basically, we (Arla HR Coordinator) assign correct approvers to the fresh requisition.

• Unsolicited Applications – We are constantly in touch with candidates sending their resumes and those asking for specific position our company has opened. Consequently, we are also in close contact with recruiters responsible for the exact job offer.

Currently we are also focused on two Talent Acquisition projects ‘’F15’’ and ‘’PMGP’’ programs. What is more, we are also a part of the Employee Central; supporting HRBP’s and managers in the hire process, forwarding them through the system. Furthermore, we supervise changes and updates
in the employment history.


We really emphasize the idea of sticking to the smooth delivery of data and information – that is why not only do we respond to written requests but we are also available for our stakeholders via phone. Every day, we are ready and available in order to forward managers and recruiters through the system in the recruitment and hire area.


‘’I will help you’’, ‘’I will assist you’’, ‘’I will support you’’– those phrases are used by every Arla HR Coordinator every day. We are like guardians of established rules in the recruitment world.


Article written by Anna Okoniewska, HR Administrator at Arla GSS