GSS Development Team

Create the future, grow with Arla. Nice purpose, isn't it? This team works on it everyday.

GSS Development Team aims to drive further development of Arla Gdansk. We do it by supporting existing GSS functions and encouraging new who will bring their work to Gdansk in the future. The team consists of 11 persons with different roles.

Lean consultants support processes standardisation using Lean tools and focus on continuously improving our ways of working. They also collaborate with Citizen Developer, work on developing RPA agenda and future automation of tasks and processes at GSS.  Our Project Leads focus on analysing and preparing possibilities for future movements to Gdansk and support transition process. Team also participates in process mapping across various teams globally.

Knowledge management consultants work to improve onboarding for new joiners at our center and offer our employees various trainings to develop their skills. Continuous improvement is our team’s DNA and we help to apply this approach across all teams at GSS.